I Sold Gold

The reviews for Aqueduct’s debut full-length I Sold Gold have been shiny, with praise mostly for the mixture of creatively arranged, lush pop songs (insert obligatory Brian Wilson comparisons) with dance beats and samples (now insert obligatory Flaming Lips comparisons). But, while this writer also digs all that creativity (from track four on), it’s the approach taken on the first three songs that provides the real thrills—no creative mixing, just everything turned up and energized. “The Suggestion Box” opens things up with feedback fading in then giving way to a rolling piano melody and hard-hitting drum samples, with soaring vocal harmonies: “Instead of starting a fire/ You should be heating things up/…I will never leave you screaming for my love!” In contention for single of the year, though, is the latest addition to the O.C. soundtrack, “Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights.” With a bumpin’ live drum beat dancing side-by-side with its electronic counterpart, the simple bell-like synth melody complements Terry’s wonderful poppy, yet dry vocal melody: “Don’t ever ask me where I go/ Last man who asked me had to go.” Jump in for the three openers, then just chill and enjoy the cool waters.