All You Can Eat

A Chico News & Review Dining Guide • SPRING/SUMMER 2012

WHO DOESN’T Love good food? We sure do. That’s why we keep a close eye on the local dining scene. Before ordering delivery or heading to your tried-and-true place, check out all of your options in All You Can Eat.

Every spring and fall, the Chico News & Review offers this comprehensive dining guide with listings of Chico restaurants to help you find whatever you’re craving. For those who are familiar with this twice-yearly publication, I want to point out that this edition is a little different. While we still strive to list every restaurant in town (save for the fast-food varieties), separated based on what flavors you’re in the mood for, detailed descriptions are now advertiser-based. So, not every listing will be accompanied by a description.

With our handy dining symbols (explained on page 5), you’ll see which places fall within your budget, as well as which ones accept credit cards or have Facebook pages.

Chico is LUCKY to have a strong base of experienced chefs who specialize in a variety of different cuisines. For this issue of All You Can Eat, we decided to sit down with three of them to find out what makes them tick.

Frequent CN&R contributor Catherine Beeghly set out armed with 15 questions, ranging from “What’s the ingredient you can’t live without?” to “What’s your death-row meal?” The goal was to get to know some of the personalities behind Chico’s favorite restaurants. Leon Bistro’s Ann Leon gets fresh about local ingredients; Mohammed Shabbar, the mastermind behind Petra, shares some spicy Mediterranean secrets; and Sicilian Café’s James Taylor discusses vino and veal. Read on to find out more.

Bon appetit!

—Meredith J. Graham