All about jobs, says Logue

The state assemblyman introduces a resolution to support private businesses

Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-Marysville) has introduced an interesting resolution to the state Assembly, one that he says gets at the root of California’s budget problem—increased unemployment that takes tax dollars out of play.

“I’m working overtime to turn California into a jobs-friendly state,” Logue said in a release.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 83, which states, “private-sector jobs are the engine that will ultimately turn this economy around,” calls for the Legislature to take a leading role in making the private-sector business climate warmer in the state. That would mean rejecting laws that stymie development and drive businesses to neighboring states.

“The current economy is crippling our employers’ ability to hire and retain California workers,” he said. “Not only does this increase workers’ dependence on public assistance, it takes their tax dollars out of play.”