All about composting

Web site provides everything you need to know to compost

It’s about that time of year again—time to brush off last year’s dirt from your gardening tools, tune up the rototiller, and get planting! But first, healthy soil is a must. Soil amendments such as good, rich compost can make all the difference between producing a bountiful crop of robust, red tomatoes and lovely, leafy lettuce, or simply ending up with rows of spindly, malnourished plants with little in the way of produce for your summer salads. You may or may not already be a composter. Either way, Web-based Compost-Info-Guide is loaded with information on how to compost. Any beginner can learn how to start, and the seasoned composter can pick up a few new tricks. The site includes a “Beginner’s Composting Guide” outlining six basic steps for successful compost-making (including what not to add to your compost pile); articles on compost maturity and measuring moisture in your compost pile; recommended reading; and a FAQ section and links. Compost-Info-Guide ( is your one-stop site for happy composting.