Advancing guard (theatrically)

Compiled By Doomé Fish Theatre Companie

Avant-garde theater rises once again locally for two nights only with the Doomé Fishe Theatre Companie‘s production of Aesophagus III. Rumor has it that the new troupe features such familiar and talented faces (some of them Blue Room alumni) as Dylan Latimer, Haley Hughes, Dan Wooldridge and more. Music is provided by the Dan Greenfield Orchestra and lighting effects by “MagicAlex Belden. The performances are preceded by a display of art entitled An Art Show, created by the Clever Monkey Collective, at 7 p.m. Admission is only $5 at the door. The Senator Theatre is located at 517 Main St. in downtown Chico. More information: (530) 864-1525 or