The wife of a guy I know had an abortion some years ago. There was a blip in her cycle or something, and the next thing they knew, she was pregnant and unhappy about it.

This guy liked the thought of there being another baby around, but he didn’t have to have the thing, and for various reasons his wife decided to get rid of it.

The guy kept quiet because, like me, he didn’t believe that men should have anything to say about abortion, period. So he said nothing about wanting the baby and went with his wife to the clinic and sat in the waiting room while she filled out the forms and until she went away.

Working in his yard later that week, he was overcome with sadness, grieving for his child, lost forever. He was sad for a long time. There had been a death in the family.

I’m pro-choice. Women can do anything they want with their bodies, and minds, too, for that matter. Abortion strikes me as a peculiar thing to do to a person, but if a woman wants to have an abortion, I think she ought to be able to. I think abortion can be, and maybe usually is, a thoroughly bad idea. It depends on the circumstances, which is why, in matters as important as life and death, the individual should prevail. It’s her call. Are children a blessing or not?

Such a decision affects a handful of people. A law affects all of us, and with laws coming from a group as low-life and stupid as politicians, bad laws are now all we have any reason to expect.

I’m anti-abortion. I don’t want anything to do with it, so I neither have nor perform abortions.

Abortion is murder and might as well be legal, along with other legal murder. A woman ought to be able to abort her very own fetus without government persecution or reward. She’s arranged for her own consequence, and nobody can help her with that.

There’s no way to prevent anybody’s “bad” decision. People are gonna make bad decisions no matter what, because the badness or goodness comes from the observer’s judgment, not from the decision. My thinking of abortion as a bad idea is just my thinking.

The guy who didn’t become a father again is one of my best friends, and he lives the consequences of that decision every day. Prosecution and prison wouldn’t change that one iota, and now and then that action comes home to him, and he weeps for his child and his wife and himself.