A smoked red herring

Whether by Anthony Watts or Bruce Sessions or broadcasters beyond the North State, the science behind global warming is getting quite a drubbing. Sessions, for instance, in his most recent “Tidbits from the B.S. Notebook” segment on KPAY radio, listed several prominent scientists who’ve jumped off the man-made climate-change bandwagon and suggested the “mainstream media” haven’t given much play to their defections because that truth is “inconvenient.”

Maybe global warming is a lot of hot air (we don’t think so, but stay with us on this). Maybe humans are just sweating a cyclical phenomenon, a climate curve that goes back to dinosaur days.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter—pollution is bad, period. Even if carbon monoxide isn’t choking the planet, it’s choking our children. Just spend some time in smoggy Southern California, and your lungs will tell you this is true. More smoke, dirtier air; less smoke, cleaner air. Elementary.

The backlash over climate science is a red herring. Cutting emissions makes sense, whatever—or whomever—you believe.