A kinder, gentler Enloe election

The elections last week for possible union representation for five groups of Enloe Medical Center employees was subdued and civil compared to the heated battle waged three years ago between the hospital and the California Nurses Association. Then, both sides were aggressive, which led to what many called a poisoned atmosphere that still lingers to a certain extent within the whitewashed hospital walls.

The administration spent an outrageous amount—somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million, according to some estimates—to hire a flame-throwing union-busting firm. We heard reports of nurses being forced to attend mandatory meetings to hear anti-union propaganda.

The CNA played hardball as well, spreading rumors and innuendo and throwing salt into the wounds of an already divided community.

This time around, the contest has been reduced to letters to the editor and a few paid advertisements. Enloe administration, admitting its earlier mistake, has kept a low profile.

For all the criticism this paper has handed out to the hospital big-wigs, we must also commend them when they do the right thing. In this case, both sides have handled themselves well.