A day to remember

While celebrating summer this Memorial Day, take a moment to honor America’s fallen soldiers

Monday (May 29) is Memorial Day. For many, it’s the first signal that summer is upon us, a three-day weekend that offers opportunities to barbecue with friends, hit the river on tubes or head for the hills with family and camping gear in tow. That’s great—who doesn’t need a little R&R these days?

But let’s not forget what Memorial Day is really about: our fallen soldiers. And let’s also not confuse the issues of patriotism and support for our government.

Regardless of how you feel about President Trump, the wars and conflicts the United States has involved itself in, or any policy enacted by Congress, there are men and women out there fighting and sacrificing for our freedoms and our way of life. Some of them end up paying with their lives.

Memorial Day traces its origins to the American Civil War, and it’s meant to pay tribute to all military personnel who’ve died in service to our country. Many of them called Chico home. In honor of those local fallen soldiers—and the families they left behind—Chico Cemetery and Glen Oaks Memorial Park (at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., respectively) will celebrate on Monday with speeches and tributes, as well as the placement of hundreds of American flags.

In the year 2000, Congress enacted the National Moment of Remembrance Act, designating 3 p.m. on the last Monday of May (Memorial Day) as an official minute during which to stop and remember. If you have a loved one who gave his or her life in service, we know you’ll take a moment, or more, to honor that sacrifice. For those who haven’t, we encourage you to take a break from your long weekend of merriment to celebrate the real meaning of Memorial Day.