31Knots appears at The Senator at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23. $4/door.

Guitar-oriented rock seems the order of business with indie band 31Knots. “Corporal’s Lament” kicks off its latest five-song CD release, with electric guitars chiming in minor keys underscored by interesting ascending scales. And peculiar lyrics: “Captain, this is no time for regret/what has the chaplain put into your head?/ We are paid to murder and forget/headless ogres delivering kisses of death.” I like the band’s stark take on military mindsets. Clearly, this ain’t “sunshine and lollipops"!

“Amateur Idiot” is a busy instrumental featuring some Zappaesque time changes. This last aspect is continued into “Sorry, You’re Not a Winner,” with its bizarro-jazz structure: “The filler to flatter, the drivel and banter/we dig up, display, and press depressing.” Sounds like a game show to me!

For a sampler, this CD is intriguing. I want to hear more. Still, generally, this type of stuff is easier to admire than actually enjoy. N’est pas?