3 Fox Drive

Listen to the Music

More than a few people around Chico have had the pleasure of hearing Megan Lynch play fiddle when she lived here a decade-or-so ago and played with Mike Station’s band, String Nation. There isn’t much in the way of emotion she can’t coax out of that instrument. Singer and fiddle superstar Allison Krauss once referred to Lynch as one of the best bluegrass fiddlers around. Now she plays with Nashville country/bluegrass band 3 Fox Drive, whose album Listen to the Music features more than a few brilliant and extended Megan Lynch solos. But even people who never heard of Lynch will enjoy the album if they like tight harmonies and inspired instrumental work by accomplished pickers. The band is currently on tour through Northern California, playing venues such as Freight and Salvage in Berkeley before heading to the Cascade Theatre in Redding Jan. 21. It should be an event worth attending for those who know Megan, and for those who don’t. And if you can’t get there, the album will serve as a worthwhile substitute for the live show.