2001: A summer odyssey

Summertime, and the livin’ is … Well, in Chico it’s usually pretty darned hot. And this year don’t even think about hiding inside with the A/C cranked up. In case you haven’t heard, California’s government decided it would tinker with its energy system to make things better for consumers and screwed things up royally, so now nobody can afford to keep the A/C on.

Ah, what to do? Well, think shade. Think cool creek water. Think mountains, lakes and ocean. But first read this guide to summer activities. We’ve got some nifty suggestions, from what books to read at the beach to how to play horseshoes, from delicious warm-weather recipes to a paean to everyone’s favorite summer activity, barbecuing. There’s also a useful list of getaway events that promise not only to be fun, but also to be cool—or at least cooler.

In the meantime, slip into summer mode: Walk slow, drink fluids, go naked or nearly so, keep sunscreen handy, take naps in the shade and enjoy all the delicious fruits and vegetables hot weather brings to us. And remember, every summer day is followed by one of those balmy, sweet-smelling, sexy summer nights in Chico that we all love so much.