Issue: April 20, 2017

Hi! There are a ton of events scheduled this weekend for Earth Day 2017. You can take a look at our calendar to see which ones appeal to you. Also, check out our feature story from Editor Brad Bynum, who spoke with the organizers of the Northern Nevada March for Science, which takes place Saturday.

In news this week, Dennis Myers discusses Dean Heller and Mark Amodei's April 17 town hall meeting in Reno.

In the arts section, you'll find a story from Jessica Santina about stand-up comedy in the region. And Arts Editor Kris Vagner has a story about the musical duo All Hat No Cattle. They're among the acts performing at this year's Genoa Cowboy Festival.

Don't forget to check out Sheila Leslie and Brendan Trainor's columns for opinions on happenings in the state legislature. And an actual copy of the paper will give you access to cartoons and columns that aren't online, including Streetalk. This week I asked people outside of the Heller-Amodei town hall to explain why they'd come.

And when you're done with the paper, you don't have to throw it away. If you've still got seedlings to start for your garden, you can use the paper to make seedling pots. Here's a link to a tutorial:

Happy reading!

Jeri Chadwell-SingleyRN&R Special Projects Editor