Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Rated 1.0

Martin Lawrence continues his crap-cinema parade with this stupid family comedy. Lawrence plays a Jerry Springer-type talk show host who takes his new fiancée (the way-too-beautiful Joy Bryant) home to meet his family for his parents’ wedding anniversary. While there, a childhood rivalry with a relative (Cedric the Entertainer) reignites and causes the two grown men to act very childish. Lawrence does a lot of his standard mugging through dumb dog sex and skunk jokes. This is a film that tries to get laughs out of funny pants, proof that it is comedy-starved. James Earl Jones looks lost and grumpy as Lawrence’s dad, while Mike Epps and Michael Clarke Duncan manage a laugh or two as other members of the party. This is one of those comedies where we are supposed to laugh at someone’s constant misfortunes: Chortle as Martin gets skunked in the face! Guffaw as Martin gets beat up by his sister! Vomit at the notion that you paid money for this thing!