The Eye

Rated 2.0

Jessica Alba and some decent visual directing almost make this horror remake worthwhile. Alba plays Sydney, blind from the age of five after a firecracker accident. She is the recipient of some transplanted eyes and, after they’ve been stuck in her head, she starts seeing bizarre things—Ghostly, shadowy creatures showing up to lead fellow hospital patients away, creepy kids hanging out in her apartment complex hallway and jumping out of windows and so on. Is the film scary? Yes and no. There are sporadic moments where the directing duo manages a decent creep factor. The shadowy figures that hang around the dead are nasty, and I wouldn’t want to see one in a dark alley. Some of the ghost sequences are eerie. Problem is, there aren’t enough of these moments to qualify the film to be scary as a whole. Too much of the movie is spent with the Alba character yelling at her doctors or pleading with her sister to believe her plight. Overall, it’s a near miss.