Rated 1.0

For those of you hoping Johnny Depp would make up for that dick move he made playing Tonto last year by putting forth a fine offering with this picture, consider that hope dashed upon the rocks, swept out to sea, and ultimately devoured by sharks. This is another one of those “technology is evil” movies that suggest we as humans are slaves to computers. That may very well be true—I, for one, have been sitting at my damn computer all day—but movies haven't really gotten evil computers right since 2001: A Space Odyssey and WarGames. Depp plays a scientist who uploads his brain into a computer before he dies so that he can keep hanging out with the wife (Rebecca Hall) and, oh yeah, take over the world. The computer Depp and his wife buy a small town, enlist a strange army of computer-energized supermen, and proceed to try and infect the world with some sort of computer dust. None of it makes a lick of sense, and all of it is lacking in entertainment value. This is a flat, boring affair that represents Depp at his slumming worst.