The thrill of discovery

Gene Savoy and his son, Sean, live a life of adventure many of us would envy. Gene has discovered several ancient sites in his 50 years of exploration including Vilcabamba, the Last City of the Incas (1964), Gran Pajaten (1965) and Gran Vilaya (1985-1994) in Peru. He founded the Andean Explorers Foundation & Ocean Sailing Club (AEF & OSC) in 1957 and moved its headquarters to Reno in 1972. The younger Savoy has also discovered ancient ruins. This past summer, Sean’s expedition to Gran Saposa in Peru uncovered roads and citadels built by the pre-Inca Chachapoyas culture. The younger Savoy will discuss the expedition’s findings at AEF & OSC’s 16th annual “Spirit of Exploration” awards dinner Oct. 11. Before the awards ceremony, the Foundation Orchestra performs its Spirit of the Andes concert featuring Andean music trio Chaskinakuy (pictured). During the event, Peruvian dignitaries will present Gene Savoy with a special award. Tickets for the concert start at $37. Tickets for the gala dinner are $125 and $35 for students. The music begins at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner and the awards ceremony at 8 p.m. at the Eldorado Showroom, 345 N. Virginia St. Call 348-1818 or visit —Kelley Lang