The taxpayers are revolting. It’s about time.

As tax day approaches, people are stirring, becoming increasingly aware of what is happening to their money. These same people are becoming angry. Tax Day Tea Parties are erupting across the country. More than 300 protests will happen in sync nationwide on April 15. People are finally fed up with this administration’s agenda.

Ever since this administration came to office, it has compared this recession to the Great Depression in the 1920s and 1930s. It conveniently forgets the recession from 1979 to about 1981. This is because forgetting that recession better fits their agenda. During the Great Depression, the attempt to get this country moving again was the New Deal. Whether the New Deal actually worked has yet to be determined, but it was big spending at its worst—until now, that is. The reason this administration is neglecting to remind people of the more recent recession is because it was solved by less spending, by tax cuts, and by putting more money in citizens’ pockets.

Tax cuts? Less spending? Well, if these are possibilities and if this strategy worked once, why aren’t we trying to resolve the current recession in this way? Citizens don’t have a lot to lose if the government spends less of our money. The only thing that would be lost is President Obama’s agenda.

Instead of a fiscally responsible program, Obama signed the largest pork bill in the nation’s history before he was even in office 100 days. He’s not hiding his socialist agenda now. And one can’t say that nationalizing banks and putting taxpayer money into private businesses so they are in the grips of the government are not socialist ideas.

We are a capitalist society, and supply and demand is how our markets are supposed to run. The United States is supposed to pat those on the back who succeed, not shovel those off the pavement who have fallen on their faces. This is an equal opportunity society, everyone has the chance to succeed or fail, and it is an individual’s choice what happens next.

This is why people are angry. The U.S. government is raising taxes to cover the costs of the people who are failing. Even on a state level, government is raising taxes. For example, in California, sales taxes were just upped yet again, to almost 9 percent. So much for us Nevadans going over and spending the weekend in California—things are definitely too expensive there. The weight of this huge mistake is not going to fall on the shoulders of the government; it will lie on the shoulders of the people of this country. Citizens very well may be crushed under the weight of inflation, taxes and big government spending. The goal of the administration must have been to make everyone dependent on the government.

So now what? Does America stand by and watch this happen, or does America stand up and fight? On April 15, people need to use their voices; they need to tell their government to start listening. These are the people who vote for these politicians come Election Day. People need to take inspiration from the Boston Tea Party, and be reminded of why those people did what they did, then show the politicians across the nation that we all feel the same as our forefathers once felt. I encourage everyone who feels angry or upset about the most recent events within our government to go down to Carson City on April 15th and show your fellow Nevadans how you feel.

Will President Obama listen to his constituency? Will he look at the country and take heed to what citizens are saying? Or will he look at these people and turn up his nose? Only April 15th will tell.