Big government is a heavy weight on taxpayers

It’s back. And it is bigger than ever. Government, that is, it’s getting bigger and bigger by the day. This is almost like a horror film. The monster feeds on some sort of energy and grows into this large awkward beast that makes everyone miserable and petrified. The government is quickly seeping into all aspects of life, and it is hitting every corner of the country. No one can hide from this beast, not even those of us in little old Nevada.

President Barack Obama promised to cease the excessive earmark spending once he was in office. Well, look what he has managed to pass, a $787 billion stimulus bill, and there is a $410 billion plan in the works. And this bill will be used for many pet projects that our nation’s congressmen have across the country. This is earmark spending at its finest. Our elected officials have managed to spend almost $1 trillion in a day, while it took around six years to spend almost $3 trillion on the Iraq war.

People knew where the money was going with the war. Has anyone even read these stimulus bills? This money is floating around and going into the abyss. All this is going to leave our citizens with is a pile of debt and an angry demeanor.

As minority leader John Boehner said to The Hill, a newspaper serving Capitol Hill, “From everything I’ve seen, it looks like the era of big government spending is back. My question to my Democratic friends is, how are you going to pay for it?”

Boehner couldn’t have been more dead on. Many have cheered about this bill being passed, thinking they would get a fat check in the mail. First off, that is wrong; there are no checks in the mail. Secondly, does anyone realize this money is coming out of their own pockets?

Everyone wants a fat check, but that is not what they are getting. They are getting a pile of debt that will probably last through their lifetime, and the best part is, no individuals are even getting any cash in hand. Each of us is getting roughly $8 more in each paycheck to equal around $400 in one year. So don’t expect a fat payout in the mail, instead, you will be able to buy a supersized Big Mac meal. What else can one do with eight extra dollars every two weeks? If there is some other big opportunity I can participate in with my $8, feel free to let me know.

Obama was also quoted in The Hill saying: “As soon as I took office, I asked this Congress to send me a recovery plan by President’s Day that would put people back to work and put money in their pockets. Not because I believe in bigger government—I don’t.”

He says he doesn’t like big government, and yet this is one of the finest displays of big government since the Carter days—and it took a Republican to get us out of that mess. Each of us should take a minute to think about that when we get our next paycheck.

A big federal government affects Nevada. Nevada supports smaller government. Many things are legal here that are not legal in other states. Here, each person has the ability to express their rights to the fullest, and once big government takes over, those rights will slowly disappear. So take my advice. Be wary. Don’t blindly follow someone just because you voted for them.