The courts should help these children

When I think there is nothing left in this world to surprise me, I am yet again proved wrong. Still, I’m disheartened to see what happens when people throw logic and reasoning out the window: Nadya Suleman is no exception to this rule.

Suleman recently popped out not one, not two, but eight babies. Not only does she have these eight newborns to care for, but she also had six children prior to this. If you don’t think there’s something wrong with this picture —well, you are probably one of the people donating money to this insane cause.

This woman had all her children through in vitro fertilization, all 14 of them. My first question to Suleman is, why was six not enough? This woman personifies the liberal ideals that California faces today. If one can’t provide for his or herself, then someone else will provide. Well, if someone else is going to provide, why even try to provide for yourself?

As stated in the Los Angeles Times, Suleman is unmarried, lives with her parents and her 14 children in a three-bedroom house. Three bedrooms! Seventeen people in one small house. If this isn’t insanity, then I am not quite sure what can be classified as such in today’s society.

Suleman told NBC’s Ann Curry that she grew up a lonely, only child and wanted a big family. So, at 33 years old, she has 14 kids and does not even own a home. This is not responsible. Simply because this woman was lonely as a child, she had to have 14 children to keep her company?

The more humorous part about all of this is the fact that people have set up websites to raise money for this woman. What they should do is have her arrested and her children given to normal, sane people who are able to take care of them. It is clear that this woman is incapable of this. She owes $50,000 in student loans, has no job, lives off of food stamps and government checks. Because of this woman’s sick obsession, these kids have to share two bedrooms among themselves. They have a broken home and a mother who can’t even take care of herself—let alone anyone else.

The court system could do those children a favor in this situation. This woman should be turned in for child neglect or child endangerment. The lifestyle that is provided to these kids, in the health they must be in having been born nine-and-a-half-weeks early, is dangerous and reckless and selfish. And yet the government gives this woman money, and people raise cash for her.

Let me tell you something: Our economy and the very society we live in are compromised because of people like this. Our government is foolish enough to waste money on such a person, and it makes me ill. She is putting those children in a threatening environment, and the fact that she can’t even provide for them makes it even more threatening. And our government is paving the way for her! This is ludicrous, at the very least.

I can only hope the federal judges look at this situation with great care. I implore someone to look at this and ask, how can she feed all of these children? Where will they sleep? These are risky conditions, at best, and I truly hope judges will see this and act for the sake of those children, so they don’t grow up learning to repeat the same cycle that their mother put them through.