The Reagan Years

This is a record meant to be cranked by college dropouts, punching each other in the shoulders, shotgunning cheap beers, giving out homemade tattoos, shotgunning more beers, singing along with fists in the air, vomiting into trashcans, shotgunning more beer. Whether that bromantic lifestyle interests you or not, only you can say, but if it does, here you go.

The sound is basically Warped Tour-style high-volume, pick-sliding punk mixed with dramatic glam metal and just a hint of old-school rock ’n’ roll. Imagine Social Distortion covering Mötley Crüe. Or, maybe imagine Mötley Crüe covering Social Distortion. Whichever of those two options sounds more appealing. Probably the latter, because thankfully, when it comes to lyrics, vocalist-guitarist Billy Gunn leans more toward the morning-after-sickness country of Social D than the hard partying debauchery of the Crüe.