The answers

How did you do?

1. (A) The Ferrari-Carano Vineyards

2. (C) The Pimpmaster General of America

3. (C) 1971

4. (A) The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

5. (B) $10,000

6. (D) Home of the Steaming Weenie

7. (C) Madonna and the Dalai Lama

8. (B) Pat McCarran

9. (A) The Human Genome Project

10. (C) University of San Diego

11. (C) Washoe Zephyr Natural Foods Co-Op

12. (A) Bill Newberg

13. (D) Bob Cashell

14. (B) Lacy J. Dalton

15. (B) Artdog

16. (C) U.S. House of Representatives

17. (A) Kent State riots and killings

18. (D) Virginia City Grand Prix motorcycle race

19. (D) 24

20. (A) $1

21. (C) $850 per ounce

22. (B) 1978

23. (C) James Seele

24. (B) 6,000

25. (A) Harrah’s

26. (B) Las Vegas

27. (D) East Reno

28. (C) Richard Hamzik

29. (C) 1986

30. (D) The publishing company of the Arizona (Phoenix) Republic

31. (C) The Republican National Convention

32. (A) Feb. 22, 1995

33. (B) Space Zero

34. (B)

35. (D) Nobody

36. (B) Women’s soccer

37. (C) Claim Jumper

38. (C) Tao of Steve

39. (A) Shelly’s True Value Hardware

40. (B) The Anointed One

41. (A) Pioneer Inn

42. (D) Republican In Name Only

43. (D) Tom Herndon

44. (A) Lorraine Hunt

45. (C) 1996

46. (B) 686-SMOG

47. (A) Dale Chihuly

48. (C) Sage Street

49. (B) Nicaragua

50. (C) Locust Street

40-50 CORRECT:
Congratulations! You are aware of what is going on in your community, have been reading the newspapers (especially the RN&R) closely and are a responsible, civic-minded individual. You are an asset to the Truckee Meadows and should make it a point to speak at public comment sessions at various meetings of governmental bodies whenever possible. Someone needs to keep our elected officials informed!

30-39 CORRECT:
You did fairly well. While you may not absorb yourself in the area’s goings-on, you keep yourself somewhat informed and know enough about the Truckee Meadows to hold a competent conversation. You could read the newspapers a bit more closely, but remember not to believe everything you read, especially if you read a paper that comes out seven days a week.

20-29 CORRECT:
You probably need to pay a little more attention to what is going on around you. There is a lot of stuff—good, bad and indifferent—happening around here, much of which you’re in the dark about. You would benefit greatly from trying to gain a greater awareness of what happens in Reno-Sparks. Suggestion: Drink an extra cup of coffee before reading the RN&R or any other newspaper.

Oh, boy. Consider moving to Texas and becoming a George W. Bush supporter; you’ll fit right in.