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Test your knowledge of last year’s headlines with this quiz

#7. Ed Bernstein

#7. Ed Bernstein

Photo By Debra Reid

How closely did you pay attention to the area’s goings-on last year? Here’s a quiz to find out.

Dre: The layout will be two facing pages for the 50 questions, and a half-page for the answers and the “How did you do?” section at the end. I will e-mail you a list of 4-5 photos to dig out of the archives from last year to use; for the photos, use the question the photo corresponds to as the cutline. Thanks, jb

If nothing else, the year 2000 was certainly interesting.

On both local and national levels, the country went through some substantial changes. The Mapes went down, as did Ed Bernstein, the Dow Jones, Tom Herndon and (unless you count the will of the plurality of people in this country) Al Gore.

Meanwhile, the amount of area traffic went up, as did John Ensign, our utility rates, Toni Harsh and (thanks to Nevada’s four electoral votes) George W. Bush.In honor of the year 2000, we decided to craft the questions for our fourth annual trivia issue from last year’s headlines. The answers to all of these questions can be found in RN&R articles from the last year. Take the quiz, check your answers (the correct answers can be found on page 11), and see how well you did.Without further ado _ here’s the RN&R’s fourth annual trivia issue!

The quiz

1. What is the name of the winery that is owned, in part, by Eldorado Hotel-Casino CEO Don Carano?
A. The Ferrari-Carano Vineyards
B. The Lamborghini-Carano Vineyards
C. The Hyundai-Carano Vineyards
D. The Legacy-Eldorado Vineyards

2. Moonlite Bunnyranch brothel owner Dennis Hof made headlines in 2000 after he named rooms at his bordello after Andy Kaufman and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. What is one of Hof’s self-proclaimed nicknames?
A. The Bunnyranch Baron
B. The Modern-Day Joe Conforte
C. The Pimpmaster General of America
D. The World’s Most Famous Pimp

3. In which year was prostitution legalized in some parts of Nevada, thanks in large part to the efforts of then-Mustang Ranch owner Joe Conforte?
A. 1958
B. 1966
C. 1971
D. 1976

4. The largest national forest in the lower 48 states, at approximately 3.1 million acres, is:
A. The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
B. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest
C. The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
D. The Beaverhead/Deerlodge National Forest

5. According to NRS 294A.120, what is the maximum amount in campaign contributions that a candidate can take from one individual during an election cycle?
A. $1,000
B. $10,000
C. $25,000
D. $100,000

6. Which one of the following is an actual slogan for Sinbad’s Hot Dogs?
A. The Biggest Wieners in Nevada
B. The Juiciest Dogs in the World
C. Is That a Sinbad’s Hot Dog in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
D. Home of the Steaming Weenie

#16. Tierney Cahill

Photo By David Robert

7. Democratic Senate Candidate Ed Bernstein stirred some controversy in a RN&R cover story, when he said he wanted to take a “holistic approach” to government by combining the traits of which two figures?
A. Jesus and the Dalai Lama
B. Bob Knight and Jesse Helms
C. Madonna and the Dalai Lama
D. Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan

8. Feb. 11, 2000, marked the 50th anniversary of a visit to Reno by Sen. Joe McCarthy, where he gave a speech in which he claimed that he knew of 57 communists in the State Department. Shortly after the speech, McCarthy formed an unlikely alliance with which famous Nevada senator, who was a conservative Democrat?
A. Chic Hecht
B. Pat McCarran
C. George Malone
D. Harry Reid

9. What is the name of the project, completed in the year 2000, designed to create a map of the human genetic blueprint?
A. The Human Genome Project
B. The Human DNA Mapping Project
C. The Genetic Blueprint Project
D. The Alan Parsons Project

10. The year 2000 marked the 10th anniversary of an ugly brawl between the University of Nevada baseball team and the team from what other school?
A. University of Southern California
B. Long Beach State
C. University of San Diego

11. Which Wells Avenue business shut its doors last year in the wake of the opening of Wild Oats?
A. The Pink Pussycat
B. Trader Joe’s
C. Washoe Zephyr Natural Foods Co-Op
D. Natural Foods “R” Us

12. Which incumbent Reno City Councilmember chose not to run for re-election in 2000?
A. Bill Newberg
B. Judy Pruett-Herman
C. Pierre Hascheff
D. David Rigdon

13. Which former lieutenant governor and current Sparks casino owner announced plans to run against County Commissioner Jim Galloway last year before quickly backing out?
A. John Ascuaga
B. Carl Giudici
C. Robert List
D. Bob Cashell

14. Which area resident and country music singer starred in a Nevada Shakespeare Festival production of Annie, Get Your Gun as Annie Oakley?
A. Juice Newton
B. Lacy J. Dalton
C. Reba McEntire
D. Garth Brooks

15. What is the name of the lead character in many of Brüka Theater’s children’s plays?
A. Brükaman
B. Artdog
C. Grace
D. Theaterboy

16. Tierney Cahill, a Reno elementary school teacher, ran as a Democrat for what public office in 2000?
A. U.S. President
B. Reno City Council
C. U.S. House of Representatives
D. Nevada State Assembly

17. On May 5, 1970, 300 students and faculty members at UNR disrupted Governor’s Day ceremonies in the wake of what national event?
A. Kent State riots and killings
B. Indictments in the Watergate case
C. The invasion of Laos
D. Richard Nixon’s “Checkers” speech

18. Which Virginia City event, traditionally held on Mother’s Day, faces an uncertain future due to land restrictions?
A. Camel Races
B. Gold Diggers’ Ball
C. The Bordello Ball
D. Virginia City Grand Prix motorcycle race

19. How many candidates threw their hats in the ring and ran in four Reno City Council races in 2000?
A. Nine
B. 12
C. 18
D. 24

#29. Hot August Nights

Photo By Debra Reid

20. How much did the city of Reno technically sell the land that the Century Riverside 12 Theatre sits on to Oliver McMillan for?
A. $1
B. $100,000
C. $1 million
D. $2.5 million

21. Gold prices, which currently sit at about $265 per ounce, peaked in 1980 at about how much per ounce?
A. $450 per ounce
B. $650 per ounce
C. $850 per ounce
D. $1,050 per ounce

22. In which year did Joe Crowley become the acting president of UNR?
A. 1963
B. 1978
C. 1983
D. 1988

23. In June, incumbent Reno City Councilman Dave Aiazzi got into a shouting match during a garage sale on West Seventh Street with which other candidate?
A. Alicia Hollingsworth
B. Edward Owen Fair
C. James Seele
D. Mike Tracy

24. In order for Ralph Nader to get on the Nevada ballot this year, the Green Party had to obtain approximately how many signatures of registered voters?
A. 3,000
B. 6,000
C. 12,000
D. 23,000

25. Which casino drew criticism after launching a new personal appearance policy—which resulted in the dismissal of at least one employee—requiring that female employees, such as cocktail waitresses, undergo makeovers and wear makeup?
A. Harrah’s
B. Eldorado
C. Peppermill
D. Baldini’s

26. Where will the Lifestyles Organization, which has held its controversial annual “swingers convention” at the Reno Hilton during the past few years, be holding its 2001 convention?
A. Reno Hilton
B. Las Vegas
C. San Francisco
D. In conjunction with the Tailhook Convention

27. In the 1960s, the city of Sparks considered changing its name to:
A. Ascuagaville
B. Lake’s Crossing
C. Sparklers
D. East Reno

28. John Ensign faced two opponents in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. Which candidate got the second-most votes in the primary?
A. Fernando Platin, Jr.
B. Jim Champagne
C. Richard Hamzik
D. Bruce James

29. Hot August Nights held its first celebration in which year?
A. 1958
B. 1983
C. 1986
D. 1991

30. Sue Clark-Johnson resigned as the publisher of the Reno Gazette-Journal in 2000 to become the president and CEO of what?
A. Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.
B. Gannett Corp.
C. Mary Kay Cosmetics
D. The publishing company of The Arizona (Phoenix) Republic

31. The Aug. 1 ArrowCreek fire caused some local television stations to pre-empt coverage of what national event?
A. The NBA playoffs
B. The Democratic National Convention
C. The Republican National Convention
D. The Survivor finale

32. The Reno News & Review published its first edition, following the purchase of Nevada Weekly, on what date?
A. Feb. 22, 1995
B. Nov. 22, 1993
C. Sept. 22, 1996
D. Jan. 22, 1994

33. What is the name of former Phat Couch front man Steve Foht’s new band?
A. GunShot Licker
B. Space Zero
C. The Smoking Caterpillars
D. 98 Degrees

34. What is the name of the Internet-based pizza-ordering company that used Reno-Sparks-Carson City as its test market in the latter part of 2000?

35. In Washoe County, who is responsible for inspecting carnival rides at events, such as the Nevada State Fair, for safety?
A. The Washoe County Health Department
B. The fire department of the jurisdiction where the event is located
C. Judge Mills Lane
D. Nobody

36. What sport made its varsity debut in 2000 at the University of Nevada as part of the school’s effort to comply with gender equity as required by Title IX?
A. Women’s softball
B. Women’s soccer
C. Women’s track and field
D. Co-ed naked wrestling

#47. Glass Sculpture

Photo By David Robert

37. Which chain restaurant opened in Reno in the year 2000 featuring, among other things, chandeliers made out of antlers?
A. Chevy’s
B. Sonic
C. Claim Jumper
D. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

38. The last film to play at the Keystone II Cinemas in the Reno Hilton was:
A. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
B. Boys Don’t Cry
C. Tao of Steve
D. Chuck & Buck

39. Following the closure of P&S Hardware on Fifth Street in Reno, what is the only independent hardware store left in the Truckee Meadows?
A. Shelly’s True Value Hardware
B. Commercial Hardware
C. Supply One
D. Romantic Sensations

40. What is the name of political writer Jon Ralston’s recent book about the election of Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn?
A. Fly in the Anointment
B. The Anointed One
C. Anointment by the Casinos
D. Oh My God, They Elected Kenny!

41. Which hotel-casino was purchased by Washoe County in anticipation of the passage of an $86 million bond question—which was overwhelmingly defeated during the general election?
A. Pioneer Inn
B. Ponderosa Inn
C. The Kings Inn
D. Comstock Hotel-Casino

42. Some conservative Republicans, upset that Sen. Bill Raggio did not fervently support some conservative candidates, referred to the Senate majority leader as a RINO. What does RINO stand for?
A. Republican In the New Order
B. Raggio Is No Oldie
C. Reno’s Inconsistent, Nominal Ostrich
D. Republican In Name Only

43. Which incumbent Reno City Council candidate did Toni Harsh defeat by a 16-point margin in November?
A. David Rigdon
B. Judy Pruett-Herman
C. Sam Dehne
D. Tom Herndon

44. In Jessi Winchester’s book, From Bordello to Ballot Box, who did Winchester describe as “a snobbish woman with incredibly bad wigs, a perpetual conceited look and sanctimonious behavior"?
A. Lorraine Hunt
B. Frankie Sue Del Papa
C. Sally Conforte
D. Dema Guinn

45. In which year was Charles McNeely hired as Reno’s city manager?
A. 1991
B. 1994
C. 1996
D. 1997

46. As advertised on numerous billboards around town, what is the phone number one should call to “report smoking vehicles"?
A. 688-SMOG
B. 686-SMOG
C. 787-SMOG
D. 1 (800) RUSH-A-BED

47. What is the name of the artist whose glass sculptures were featured at the Nevada Museum of Art during the fall?
A. Dale Chihuly
B. Greg Allen
C. Erik Holland
D. Pierre Hascheff

48. Where does the Reno City Council want to move St. Vincent’s Dining Room and the Center Street Mission Drop-In Center, much to the dismay of critics who say the area is too industrialized and dangerous?
A. West McCarran Boulevard
B. Valley Road
C. Sage Street
D. Caughlin Parkway

49. Which country did local artist Esteban Valle represent as a race-walker in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics?
A. United States
B. Nicaragua
C. Spain
D. Costa Rica

50. A portion of which street is slated for closure as part of Shoppers Square’s expansion plans?
A. Casazza Drive
B. Wells Avenue
C. Locust Street
D. Plumb Lane