Thanks to you

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I believe it’s our 11th annual Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada. These things are huge undertakings for our small staff, and I think special thanks are in order. First, I’d like to mention our editorial, sales and support staff here at 708 N. Center St. It’s an enormous job for everyone involved, and I hope everyone’s proud of the achievement. Thanks, John, Bev, Mike, Martin, Lori, Linda, Mel, Karen, Michele, Dennis, Peter, Kelley, David and Kat. I appreciate all your efforts.

And to our drivers Travis, Tabby, Sandra, Terry, Carol, Lisa, Toni, Marty, John and Ron, thank you. I’d like to say I’m sorry you have to lug these big, fat issues around, but … anyway, aspirin’s on me. We couldn’t do this every week without you.

And on to Sacramento: I don’t know how many people here in Reno realize that much of our production is done in Sacramento, but in these days of T1s and lightning email, they might as well be down the hall. Anyway, if it weren’t for our California brothers and sisters, we wouldn’t be here putting out the biggest little weekly in Northern Nevada.

I’ve got to confess, I don’t know the people who design all these ads for the paper, but they also deserve recognition.

A special thanks goes to Andrew Nilsen. He designed the pages and worked directly with the artist, Hayden Schoen. Also thanks to David Jayne took some of the weight off Andrew with design of our regular pages. Thanks also to the production bosses, Anne Lesemann and Sharon Wisecarver, for giving people loving nudges to get pages complete and to the printer.

Thanks to Jeff and Deborah, the husband and wife team who provide the brains for our little three newspaper chain—Reno, Chico and Sacramento. Thanks for keeping us going during those gloomy days gone by.

Finally, putting this effort, including the ballot and the results, on the website,, is another Herculean task. Thanks to our operations team, Aaron, Glenn, Kelsey and Ric.

And most of all, thanks to you readers. You’re the ones who make this the biggest, best and most accurate “Best of” in Northern Nevada.