I’d like to thank the Academy

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

If there’s one thing journalists love, it’s winning awards. Well, over the weekend, we had the Nevada Press Association’s annual dinner, and the high point of the dinner is the bestowing of awards in the Nevada Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest. We did pretty well. Congratulations to everyone!

Community Service: 3. Reno News & Review; Best Feature Story: 1. Kat Kerlin, Honorable mention: D. Brian Burghart; Best Business News Story: 1. Dennis Myers, 3. Michael Seibert and Dennis Myers; Best Business Feature Story: 1. Jeff von Kaenel, Honorable mention: Colleen Hagen; Best Explanatory Journalism: 1. Dennis Myers; Best News Feature Story: 2. Peter Thompson; Best Investigative or In-depth Story or Series: 1. Dennis Myers, 3. Kat Kerlin, Honorable mention: Molly Hofmann and Dennis Myers; Best Local Non-staff Column: 1. Mike Lafferty; Best Local Sports Feature: 1. Kris Vagner; Best Entertainment Writing: 1. Kat Kerlin; Critical Writing: 1. Kat Kerlin, 2. Brad Bynum; Best Editorial Writing: 1. Dennis Myers, 2. D. Brian Burghart; Best Overall Design: 2. Reno News & Review; Best Special Section (Editorial): 2. Reno News & Review, Honorable mention: Reno News & Review; Best Information Graphic: 1. David Jayne and Don Button 2. Rick Sealock, 3. Andrew Nilsen, Honorable mention: Sandra Hoover; Best Photo Feature: 2. David Robert; Best Multiple Feature Photos: 3. David Robert; Best Portrait: 2. David Robert; Best Illustrated Photo: 3. David Robert.

ADVERTISING AWARDS Best Spot-color Ad Created By A Newspaper: 1. Caroline Lush and Michelle Brown; Best Multi-color Ad Created By A Newspaper: 1. Mike Stocking and Michele Brown, 3. Caroline Lush and Marianne Mancina, Honorable mention: Amy Carbonaro and Anne Degovia; Best Special Section (Advertising): 1. Reno News & Review, 2. Reno News & Review, 3. Reno News & Review; Advertising General Excellence: 1. Reno News & Review.