Seriously, Reno?

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review. The local news has been really weird for the last few days. I mean, we’re used to hearing about crazy stuff happening in the nation’s capitol and crazy stuff coming out of the Oval Office—but the local headlines have kind of had that beat for the last few days. Take, for instance, an incident that happened Monday, Feb. 25, involving a can of bear mace and a machete.

According to Reno police, 31-year-old Derek Edwards showed up at a room in the Sundance Motel, 850 N. Virginia St., where he then proceeded to spray a can of bear mace at a man and two women inside before blocking the entrance. The man he maced grabbed a machete and chased Edwards back out of the Sundance and then ran to a convenience store, grabbed a container of milk and ran back to the motel with it to rinse off himself and the other two victims. According to police, he returned to the convenience store a short time later and paid for the milk. Seriously, Reno?

If that’s not weird enough for you, how about an axe-throwing bar? I mean, who doesn’t think mixing booze and implements that can be used for both chopping and blunt force purposes is a great idea? According to Reno’s Fox 11 TV news, Phil Frayssinoux, the owner of the Puzzle Room Reno, plans to open Reno Axe in May 2019. And, no, it’s not a euphemism or anything. An axe-throwing bar is a bar where patrons can drink, hang out and throw axes at wooden targets. Again, seriously, Reno?