Run amok

Wild horse advocates held a protest last week to bring community awareness to concerns of wild horse abuse (“Running wild,” Green, Oct. 11). A small group of protesters held signs along Veteran’s Parkway, claiming that captured wild horses are sent to slaughter.

Two photos intended to capture abuse in action were taken by Reno residents and have been published on a popular horse advocacy blog. The blog, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth, is curated by Wild Horse Freedom Federation president R.T. Fitch

“Reno wild horse advocates are not only outraged by the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s war against the Virginia Range horses, but also the documented cruelty exhibited with the manhandling of these wild horses upon capture,” wrote Fitch.

One of the photos, of two men wrangling a foal, is blurry but the caption reads, “Three week [old] foal being pulled with bailing twine by hired security.” The other shows a foal being pulled by the head with a yellow rope. The blog encourages people to contact Gov. Brian Sandoval and the DOA’s Jim Barbee to voice complaints. View the blog post at