Rory 2010 is a disguised Daddy Morebucks

Like so many politicians, Rory 2010 lusts after high office so much he is running away from reality. Reid him and weep, folks.

Nevada’s Rory 2010 actually is Rory Reid, Democrat for governor. But news articles report he’s running away from his last name. In his race against former federal Judge Brian Sandoval, the GOP nominee, he prefers Rory 2010. His campaign literature avoids the surname he shares with his father.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid seeks his fifth six-year U.S. Senate term this year, so this Rory 2010 stuff takes a stab at ignoring the big daddy in the room.

At the same time, the race between Rory 2010 and Brian 2011 (Sandoval wins and governs) is focusing on education. The Democrat stands with public educators, a lobbying force always seeking more money and striving to hide poor performance behind lame excuses.

His opponent, meanwhile, has proposed accountability for educators that could change behavior among them and the children they should be educating. Sandoval seeks real change, knowing the Democrat’s decision to stick with the education lobby is a dog that won’t hunt.

Doing the same thing continually and expecting different results is crazy. Rory 2010 has an education plan called EDGE he says is entirely new, but it is mired in existing public education assumptions that won’t stop putting us on the edge of illiteracy, innumeracy and ignorance.

Sandoval’s better plan, released more recently, seeks the kind of accountability that those who feed at the public trough fear and loathe. It grades results, penalizes failure and sets up competition for these public sector educators—anathema in their world.

In a Rory 2010 world, existing educators hold sway and bad results get rewarded with money. When Rory 2010 uses kids in his public education-oriented campaign ad and tells you he will “never, ever compromise” regarding public schools, understand it actually is less about kids than it is their voting parents, grandparents and the current education establishment.

The GOP candidate—a former legislator, gaming commission leader, attorney general and federal judge—is fighting for true change in education. He seeks to break the public educators’ stranglehold on it, which has made Nevada last among dysfunctional equals in the United States.

The Clark County commissioner and self-styled Rory 2010 seeks our votes by ignoring his heritage, using political theater and casting himself as a candidate for kids. I predict Nevadans won’t fall for this half-baked bid to find the remote reaches of anti-legacy status and become state educator-in-chief.

He is what he is, a Democrat replete with daddy-reared-me dullness. He tries to finesse reality by using this Rory 2010 marketing dodge, ignoring his own father and climbing in bed with the teachers group both of them embrace as Democrats with public sector biases.

All this is as dotty as one of the first things Rory 2010 said after Democrats nominated him to run for governor against Brian 2011. Commissioner Reid said Judge Sandoval looks to him like Gov. Jim Gibbons in a more expensive suit. That’s additional evidence reality eludes this guy.

If he sees no real difference between Sandoval and Gibbons, Rory 2010’s vision is myopic or mendacious. I figure it’s the latter.

Come November, voters will know about Rory Reid’s familial and political heritage. Reid him as just like Daddy Morebucks. Rory 2010 is a public sector pleader rather than a real leader.