Issue: July 01, 2010

Hi everybody!

You know if Reno’s going to have a historic event, like the 100th anniversary of the Jeffries/Johnson championship boxing match, Dennis Myers is going to get right in the middle of it to ensure the facts—not the legend—get told to our readers. Well, guess what. There’s an anniversary coming up. Also in this week’s favorite alternative newsweekly, Brad Bynum wrestles with his effort to interview a band with a great name, Kat Kerlin scraps to find green meaning at a Bible school, and I battle my impulse to stay home on a full moon. Click the links below to get a peek at the online version of the paper, but pick up the newsprint version for exclusive content like Advice Goddess and The Last Days of Roland & Cid. As always, thanks for reading our newspaper. If it weren’t for you, we’d have to fight for solvency.