Red turns green

When Americans talk about Russia and Cuba in the same sentence, it’s not uncommon to hear the words “red,” “cold” and “war.” But recently, both sovereign nations have added legislation better described as “green.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has outlined a new environmental plan that increases environmental penalties and promotes mass recycling in the hope of stimulating economic growth. The outline was created with the help of Dmitry Medvedev, a presidential candidate in Russia’s 2008 election.

Across the sea in Cuba, conservationists are excited to see a new ban on harvesting marine turtles. The turtles, which have been harvested for their decorative shells, are protected under a joint effort between the WWF and Cuban Ministry of Fisheries. Small fishing communities that survive on the harvesting of marine turtles will be aided by the Cuban government and offered economic alternatives to sustain their way of life.