Emissions-free jet

It’s the year 2008 and still no flying cars. But Reaction Engines Ltd. has outlined a concept jet that runs solely on hydrogen, thus reportedly producing zero emissions. The project, directed by Richard Varvill, aims to fund the construction and testing of the hypersonic Mach-5 jet, modestly named A2.

The European Union will help fund the project in the hope of producing a jet that would travel from Brussels to Sydney in less than four hours (compared to about 30 hours). If produced, the A2 would surpass this requirement by carrying 300 passengers from point A to point B with a top speed of 3,400 mph. Passengers will no longer have to fight for the window seat since the A2’s windowless body takes on a rocket shape with stubby wings and engines attached.

If the jet is approved, it would be a large step forward from the gas-guzzling jets in use today.