Primal politics

The second major party presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton probed deeply into America’s anxieties over sex and power. A Republican candidate for President is accused of being a sexual predator, while his female opponent is accused of being the “fixer” for her powerful husband’s own predations.

America has become a new Victorian culture. Victoria was the asexual queen of late 19th century England. The one percent political class promoted chastity and modesty for women, gentlemanly behavior from men. All the while, the number of brothels in London grew openly and rapidly. This cognitive dissonance between what we are told and actual reality can explode into a volcanic cultural revolution. In London, Jack the Ripper surgically murdered prostitutes, as if the ruling class was exorcising its proletarian demons.

In America, we have Donald Trump.

Trump is the destroyer of the new liberal desire for safe zones. Trump was never a safe zone. Even a 60-year-old Trump was not a safe zone. Women twittered during the debate that Trump’s constant pacing made them feel like he was stalking Clinton. Maybe he was. He stopped pacing to line up right behind her when she moved up close to the audience on his side of the stage to explain Obamacare. Intimidation? Did the audience look at her, or him? No safe space.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg once said being a single billionaire in New York City was “a constant wet dream.” On the 11-year-old video Trump bragged women let him kiss them and grope them because he is a star. The left immediately said he was committing battery or worse, implying no consent. But Trump said they “let him.” Liberal Hollywood, like Billy Bush, knows of what he speaks. Capitol Hill is Hollywood for ugly people.

What Hillary did to the women President Clinton harassed and assaulted helped destroy second-wave feminism. Hillary could have been an honest feminist and denounced him and supported his victims. She still could. Instead she and her party and, by extension, the feminist movement prattle on about how women are always victims and never lie about men. But if those same victims stand between her and Bill and their power, they are “what you get when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.”

Witnesses have written books describing Hillary as a hard-drinking, abusive potty mouth. Wikileaks email dumps show she believes in having a private policy for the elites and a public policy for the masses.

We know when Hillary has power she always votes for war. There can be no safe zones in Syria without war with Syria and possibly Russia. She is a neo-liberal interventionist, a promoter of “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). Her wars have left disasters in the Balkans, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria.

Hillary projects her war lust when she talks about “Russian aggression.” Her intervention in Libya resulted in the overthrown Gaddafi sodomized with a knife. Hillary showed she believes in “Empire,” not “America First,” when she laughed when told of his death.

The two protagonists are engaged in a titanic clash of culture and worldview. Nevadans feel the cultural differences between Las Vegas and rural Nevada, the tensions between state rights and the federal government, unemployment and debt, the clash between legalized prostitution and the sex trafficking hysteria, campus rape, affirmative consent, and the differences in both major parties between grassroots and establishment. The second presidential debate forced us to confront subconscious fears in a deeply emotional way. The third debate is in—Las Vegas!