Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show

Sony Pictures

Garry Shandling’s fictitious talk-show host alter ego provided some great laughs during the ’90s, and this package does it supreme justice. Knowing how grumpy Shandling has become (justifiably, considering how bad his career has been going), I was surprised to see how much he contributes to this DVD set. There are more than eight hours of bonus material, with Shandling and his costars offering plenty of fun insights into this show—one of the best that your television thingy has ever shown you. Shandling conducts interviews with the likes of Sharon Stone and David Duchovny, as well as provides a few episode commentaries. There’s a feature-length documentary on the show that’s very much worth watching. It includes a great moment with Shandling finally getting pissed off with the whole DVD thing.