Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8

One of Japan’s favorite anime genres is the giant robot (mecha) genre. The genre has obtained incredible popularity in both Japan and the United States because of its staples of great animation and straightforward storytelling. Neon Genesis Evangelion (EVA) is considered to be the best mecha series ever made, but the final volume is nothing to write home about. Shinji (the protagonist of the series and a pilot of one of these mechas) must face Kaori, an “angel” who has come from the heavens to destroy mankind. The first episode is simple and straightforward. The other two are bizarre stream-of-consciousness episodes where the characters interact with each other through thought to resolve the various conflicts in the series. Confusing and unconvincing, EVA volume 8 will have people scratching their heads wondering why there is such a fuss about this series.