Superman—The Movie (Special Edition)

Purists might gripe that the version of this classic contained on the DVD is not the version that appeared originally in theaters, but they would be wasting energy. Yes, the scenes added to the film for its TV presentation have been permanently integrated, and while they are not completely necessary, they don’t hurt the film. This is a great-looking DVD, with digitally enhanced sound and astonishing colors. The movie has never looked this good, and the disc is packed with great features, including documentaries, deleted scenes and screen tests. The screen tests offer a rare glimpse of actresses like Anne Archer, Stockard Channing (sporting here a Grease Rizzo hairdo) and the eventual pick, Margot Kidder, trying out for Lois Lane. We also get a chance to see some of Christopher Reeve’s tests, including a hilarious one where he is sweating profusely through his Superman outfit.