Lunch ladies light up Doobies

The American School Food Service Convention was in town and attended a private concert by the Doobie Brothers at the Reno Hilton Outdoor Amphitheater last week. Approximately 2,200 concert-goers and our staff dude, Dave Foto, all seemed to be having a good time. Lunch was served in little psychedelic tie-dyed lunch bags; it consisted of a sandwich, a brownie and the obligatory apple. Dave was scolded by a lunch lady for taking photos of the band, but he showed her when he did indeed have a pass. “So I guess you can take the lunch lady out of the cafeteria, but you can’t take the cafeteria rules out of her,” Dave says. It was a well-behaved, fun-loving audience and dancing in the aisles was enjoyed by all. The Doobie Brothers started out with a couple old favorites, moved on to some new songs and ended the show with some of their most popular tunes. Dave says, “The musicianship was extraordinarily tight.”