Music notes

The Hotrod Enthusiasts for Leukemia Patients (HELP) benefit concert was somewhat of a bust said The Atomiks on their Web site. (The Atomiks released their third album, Motordeath, on May 6.) The band was scheduled to play June 26 and 27 at the Speakeasy Hotel. After showing up on the 26th, band members said they didn’t see a single classic car and waited around for hours. When they finally started to set up, another band began moving their equipment off stage—some sort of scheduling conflict. The Atomiks decided not to stick around and cancelled their show for the following day. Renoites who need their Atomiks fix can see them, 10 p.m. July 11 at Zephyr. … Jim Bowers, guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist for Big in Japan (formerly the guitar and vocals guy for Crushstory) is heading to San Luis Obispo with his wife and new baby. The band is planning a tour in August. The Atomiks and Big in Japan will play at Kino’s in San Francisco together on Aug. 30. Visit and