Life As We Know It

Rated 3.0

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel take a rather ridiculous tragic premise for a movie and somehow make it sweetly entertaining. Director Greg Berlanti’s movie manages a pretty decent balancing act with humor and sad proceedings. Heigl and Duhamel play Holly and Messer, best friends to a couple who dies shortly after having their first baby. Their will states that Holly and Messer get joint custody of their baby girl, Sophie (played by the adorable Clagett sisters). Yes, it’s all very predictable, but the kid is remarkably cute, and so are the adult costars. This is one of those movies I just feared I would hate, but had to admit it had me laughing and smiling throughout the majority of its running time. I could’ve done without the shit-on-Heigl’s-face gag, but I’m still going to give this a slightly passing grade.