Issue: October 07, 2010

Hi everybody,

Another great week at the World Headquarters of the Reno News & Review. For one, we’ve been feverishly tallying ballots in the Biggest Little Best Of Northern Nevada—our hugest ever. We’re growing tired, but we can see the finish line. For another thing, we’ve got a great story about the separation of church and state and Sharron Angle by Dennis Myers on the cover. We call it “The 1st Amendment versus the 1st Commandment.” This one must be read to be believed. Also in this week’s issue, our left and right columnists offer more endorsements for the upcoming election, Bob Grimm takes a look at the Facebook movie, and Brad Bynum talks to an Elvis Presley expert. Feel free to click the links below, but don’t forget to pick up the newsprint version for exclusive content like columns and cartoons. As always, thanks for reading our paper. If not for you, we’d be feverishly counting job applications.