Letters From Iwo Jima

Rated 4.0

Director Clint Eastwood’s second WWII film delivered in 2006 (the first being Flags of Our Fathers) is a much better offering. It depicts the historic battle from the Japanese side, with Ken Watanabe delivering a tremendous performance as a General given the impossible task of protecting an island from Allied forces without the help of Japanese airpower. Eastwood and a mostly Japanese cast do a heartbreaking job of showing how hopeless the situation was, and seeing a battle with American might as the enemy is actually quite terrifying. This film resonates more than Flags, which felt like a mishmash of current WWII movies. This film feels like a more original work, and it is most certainly one of Eastwood’s best. Even though Flags was a somewhat inferior film, the two put together result in quite an achievement for the director. The old guy isn’t slowing down any time soon, or so it seems.