Black Christmas

Rated 2.0

A bunch of sorority girls lose their eyes and various other body parts in this remake of the cult horror flick that some say was the first of the slasher genre. It’s Christmas Eve, and some sorority sisters are trapped in their house due to weather. As their house mother (Andrea Martin, who also appeared in the original) hands out Secret Santa gifts, a psycho killer is escaping from his asylum and making plans to come home—which just happens to be the sorority house—for the holidays. When he arrives, much gore is afoot at the hand of not one but two killers. There are a few legitimate scares to be had, and the performers do admirable jobs, but this is routine stuff in the end. The likes of Michelle Trachtenberg (a good actress who needs a better agent) and Lacey Chabert (ditto) become slasher fodder; they die hard, and they die well. The movie probably couldn’t have been much better no matter what the production team did. It’s schlock, and it wants to be schlock.