Letters for September 24, 2009

That liberal media

What happened to press coverage of the war? Soldiers in Afghanistan are killed all the time, but all you get is a few lines on the back page. That’s a little different from when Bush was president. But let Joe Wilson speak his mind, and it’s on the front pages and top story on all the network news and Sunday talk shows. And we thought Clinton knew how to wag the dog. I thought Obama was going to bring the troops home. Instead he has escalated the war in Afghanistan. Even though Cindy Sheehan is critical of Obama’s war policy, you never hear about her unless you go to her website. The 9/11 anniversary coverage was just filler material for broadcasts between commercials for the major networks other than Fox. Mainstream media bias favoring the left is so obvious it’s pathetic. Oh, and by the way, regarding the economy, how’s that hope and change working for you now? Thirteen percent unemployment in Nevada. Thanks, Prince Harry!

Mike Arp

Centrist Obama

Re “What kind of parents?” (Editorial, Sept. 17):

I agree in principle that parents should teach their children to listen to other ideas, but the school speech brought up some brutal truths about things as they presently are.

I would comment though, that if you think President Obama is a “middle of the road” politician, I can only presume that you thought George W. Bush was to the right of John Birch or Joe McCarthy?

The fact that at least half the U.S. population views him as an extreme liberal—backed up by his record—should tell us something. Half the U. S. population only dislikes him because he is black? Certainly a few are so inclined, but most simply dislike the man, as he seems intent on making our country more like that of Cesar Chavez or other countries where the government owns more major companies and industry than do the private citizens.

We have no idea what speech Mr. Obama would have given had not so many asked questions beforehand. Since his record proves his extreme left idealism, parents had a right to be cautious.

Many parents have personal ideas about their beliefs and what they want taught in school. How many parents who hate guns would consider allowing basic firearms safety classes in school? (Since gun safety classes are proven to save lives.)

It’s the same thinking from conservative parents about Mr. Obama, they see a constant far left approach in the school systems. They see God Jehovah has been banned, yet every other “higher power” gets time in schools.

In short, the resistance by some to prevent this “middle of the road” politician from perhaps offering even more indoctrination that goes against-faith based, conservative thinking was rightfully called for.

Ron Ryder

Medicare for all

Positive thoughts of a single-payer universal Medicare health program for all U.S citizens:

Medicare pays all bills, but all members lucky enough to have jobs, and or other income, will pay fair premiums. Employers of all sizes will not have to provide expensive insurance, improving profits. Families will not need to buy expensive insurance, resulting in larger buying power, and helping business sales.

With the improved economy, many new workers will be needed, creating more new jobs.

The improved economy will provide more sales and income taxes to continue rebuilding our badly deteriorated social and physical services and structures.

John Conyer’s H. R. 676 plan is expected to create 2.6 million jobs, $100 billion in wages and $317 billion in business and government income annually.

The single-payer health system is the way to go!

Walden and Betty Joura

Not so special

Re “Sparks residents cope with special events” (News, Sept. 10):

I loved this article. My fiancé and I live in an old Victorian home in downtown Sparks, and we completely sympathize with the local residents. We actually don’t have a driveway but do have designated spots on the street. During any event, people disregard any type of notification we put out, just as the photo showed in this story. We have had people pull oversize trucks into our front yard, and we even had to have someone towed because they were on our private property. People, in my opinion, have no respect for others in event situations like this, and they only are thinking of the fun they will have that night. I work at KOLO 8 in Reno and have to be at work by 3:30 a.m. My bedtime is also early, and in these situations it is extremely tough to sleep. On top of that, I work a second job and also have to fight for parking when I come home after a 14-hour day. Plus, our yard gets covered with trash, and people toss it in the back of my fiancé’s truck. I loved how this article voiced concerns of locals who deal with this and the lack of parking. I also know of local businesses that try to close off their private parking and even have hard times doing that. Thank you for finally publishing a different side to the events!

Kimberly Chandler

School of hard knocks

Re “Meet the new boss” (Feature story, Aug. 13):

Regarding the interview with the new Washoe County School District superintendent Heath Morrison, Brian Burghart should really check his facts when it comes to homeschoolers. Where did he get the information that the main reason for homeschooling is due to religious beliefs? It is inaccurate at the very least. There are many reasons people choose to homeschool. His use of “from what I know” is also inaccurate. It is obvious he doesn’t know, and he shouldn’t offer that particular statement (on religious beliefs) as fact. I would hope that the new superintendent takes the time to find out the facts. He’s certainly getting paid enough to.

Janet Chase
Pleasant Valley

Everybody get together

I’d like to declare that I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am an American. Like Washington, I believe political parties divide a nation. I believe in the best solution for the greater good of the nation, no matter where it comes from. In this past election, I was not particularly impressed with any of the candidates. However, I recognized that the Republican side offered no new ideas, and at least the Democrats were trying to come up with new solutions and ideas to long overdue issues. So not really being an Obama fan, I realized he was probably the lesser of two evils. He was elected by an overwhelming majority, no question about it, unlike Bush’s two elections. Now all I hear is Obama bashing. The man has only been in office for almost nine months, and he has eight years of housecleaning to do. I don’t hear anyone stating that this is a result of the bleed-over from Bush’s administration. Bush put us trillions in debt mostly for a war that did not benefit this country and passed the $600 billion to bail out to the banks. People are complaining about Obama’s trillion dollar bill that actually goes back into America’s infrastructure, which has been neglected for decades, and other American interests, instead of foreign entities. Bush’s policies were secretive and questionable, Obama has been trying to keep his practices transparent and in the best interest of the people.

The last administration used the rhetoric “united we stand, divided we fall.” Why does that not apply now? Let us stop trying to divide the nation and try to unite as one nation, or we too shall fall. Change takes time.

Tania Lackner