Issue: August 20, 2009

Hi everybody,

Do you hate politics? Just imagine how horrible it would be if you ran for office. On this week’s cover, we’ve got the cure for any political aspirations in an essay by news editor Dennis Myers. Short answer: Run the other way! But seriously folks, lots of good stuff in this week’s newspaper. We’ve got tasty tidbits like cheetahs in the desert, chili sans Bessie, and the search for potless cookies. In preparation for the big Labor Day event, our special supplement, Prep for the Playa, has super-sexy paper dolls, expert advice on lubing your chain, and some guy soaking his feet. Anyway, feel free to click any of the links below, and don’t forget to pick up a default world version of the Reno News & Review. And as always, thanks for reading the paper. If it weren’t for you, we’d all be competing for that great drive-through-window gig.