Letters for February 21, 2013

Please help

Re “The Game” (Feature story, Feb. 7):

I just watched a show on Oprah Winfrey Network. In Washington, there are hundreds of girls as young as 12 being forced into prostitution. I watched a 12-year-old girl, a little tiny thing, get into a pickup truck. I haven’t been able to sleep since. Please log into oprah.com and look for Our America with Lisa Lang. Girls, there are people trying to help, but not enough funding. Please bring awareness to your community, please help these little girls!

Tammy Capone
Stoughton, Mass.

Some tartar with your fish?

My name is Arne Preber, a 65-year-old woman born in January 1947, suffering from a long-time cancer of the breast. I am a missionary, and I have decided to willingly donate the sum of $5.5 million to charity and individuals through you for the good work of the lord, and to help the motherless, less privileged, and also for the assistance of the widows.

My coming in contact with you is solely by the divine will and no doubt about it. Please, like I told you earlier, I’m a missionary woman from Germany but residing in Ghana for the missionary works.

My husband was an engineer with an oil company in Ghana. In fact, it is too sad to let you know that I lost my dear husband and two kids in a tragic motor accident, and since then I have been battling with this deadly breast cancer disease which most specialist doctors have confirmed that I may not survive no matter what.

All I want to do now is to present you as my family next-of-kin to receive the $5.5 million, which me and my husband deposited in a security company. I want you to receive this money and use it to help the less privileged, widows and orphans.

Kindly furnish me your full name and your address, also your contact number, so that I will prepare all relevant documents with the assistance of our family lawyer to effect the release of the fund to you.

Arne Preber
via email

Problem acknowledged

Re “8 Things that you do not know about the homeless” (Feature story, Jan. 3):

I feel that the author missed the mark with this story. The homeless are oppressed by the system itself, and they are being used as a tool to create revenue for the city of Reno. If the author had not done a fly by night job of reporting and had done a little more research, the truth would have come forth.

As to the reader who asked if JJ Baily is right when he said the city makes money off the homeless, the answer is yes. I myself stumbled upon this by accident, then made the choice to research this information further and get to the truth. What I discovered is that the Reno Police Department has homeless people marked as targets in order to meet their quota. They keep the homeless oppressed and create revenue to fund the system that protects them from the law they swore to uphold.

A Reno PD officer kicked a homeless person while he was sleeping, then proceeded to handcuff and beat him for asking, “Why?” The homeless man was charged with three felonies which in turn were dropped when and if he signed a release form stating he would not sue the city of Reno. (Is that blackmail?) It gets better—this happened in a safe zone created for the homeless to rest, stay safe and escape such abuse.

This whole incident was captured on video as it happened and witnessed by several people. This is just one of many stories of abuse aimed at the homeless by the Reno PD. If I were to assault, threaten with arrest, intimidate and dispose of their belongings only to throw them out in the cold with no blankets or shelter on a rainy night, I would most likely be charged with several different crimes, then incarcerated. Why then does a badge make one man a criminal and the other above the law for crimes against our fellow man?

This is just a taste of what is happening to the homeless here in Reno. A community silenced with cries of help falling on deaf ears and forced from public view. To see the oppression one only needs to look and listen. The author was told but failed to recognize the real story. When someone’s belongings, driver license, birth certificate, food stamp card, etc., is tossed in the trash, and then they’re arrested and then put back into society with nothing, there is a problem.

Rick Carter
via email

Throw cash to reduce class size

Re “Don’t throw cash” (Letters to the editor, Jan. 31):

I am disappointed that my letter was misinterpreted. First, I never said, “Don’t throw cash.” That’s a headline the editors of this paper made up. Second, the letter writer’s response (“Pass the hat,” Feb. 7) shows an obvious misunderstanding of my point and even misquotes me.

In my letter, I stated that my kindergarten was half-day, and we did not have PE and art teachers in my elementary school. Yet most of my fellow students graduated and went on to become successful. Sheila Leslie is proposing that we spend already-scarce education funds on full-day kindergarten and hiring PE and art teachers for elementary schools. My point was that these things are unnecessary and will not help us improve our dismal graduation rates. The money would be better spent on reducing class size and separating out the kids who actually want to learn, so that they can learn without interference from the kids who want to goof off.

Karen Inda

Silver fox

Re “Suffer the children” (Left Foot Forward, Jan. 24):

I am an old/ultra conservative reader—probably not your average reader. Mainly, I look at the movie reviews, as I go to the movies a lot. I like Bob Grimm’s movie reviews. For the most part, he’s right on.

Sheila Leslie is obviously an accomplished writer. I’m sure her column would have gotten a 4.0 for grammar from a writing teacher or professor. However, her content is a crock of shit.

Is this lady for real? On the other hand, maybe I’m not for real. Obama did get reelected—so what do I know? If this is the general populace’s line of thinking, then we really are in a lot of trouble.

2008: Obama promised to reduce unemployment. He hasn’t.

2008: Obama said he would reduce the deficit. He hasn’t.

2012-2013: No one knows yet what is in the health care plan. They certainly don’t know how it will be paid for.

Gay people and illegal residents: They helped get Obama reelected, but so what? Is this going to help solve any of the country’s problems?

The tax system is broken!

Personally, I think we’re headed down the same road as some European countries. And it isn’t pretty.

Frank Hanhisalo

Gold finger

Re “Back to the gold mine” (Left Foot Forward, Feb. 14):

Sheila Leslie’s column contains misleading information. For starters, any mine’s “worth” is more properly referred to as Net Present Value (NPV), which is not equal to the gross value of the minerals in the ground nor the gross value of minerals produced, as is so commonly referred to by tax liberals. Net Present Value is the sum of all revenues minus the costs of doing business, including taxes, discounted back to today using an interest rate that compensates owners and investors for their risk and the time value of money. … Net Present Value is usually only a small fraction of the gross value of the minerals in the ground.

Thomas Bagan