Letters for April 4, 2019

Fracking leases

I am very happy that Forest Service fracking leases are being rejected in the Ruby Mountains, but the Trump Administration plans to sell Bureau of Land Management leases adjacent to Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The leases are to be sold this June to corporate entities that care only to sell our national resources overseas for profit without any regard to the environment, wildlife or the citizens in the state of Nevada.

Please write your representatives to object to this rape of one of the 500 globally important birding areas [designated] by the America Bird Conservancy.

Roberta Moose


Glowing reviews

Re “The uninformed Nevada public” (guest comment, March 21):

Very interesting article. Many little known facts. Nuclear Power definitely deserves respect as a clean and renewable energy source. It is reported to be the safest form of renewable energy (lowest employee work related death rate). Thank you, Mr. Duarte

Alex Christopher


Re “The uninformed Nevada public” (guest comment, March 21):

Our mainstream media (MSM) can demonize anything just by ignoring the whole story on any topic. Nuclear is a great energy source. France is energy independent and sells excess energy to other nations. It’s all politics, bad politics! When is the truth not the truth? When it is only half the truth. Why is MSM so biased? Lies can be half way around the world before truth can get its pants on. Unfortunately, money and power are the big drivers of our history—the history of the world—wars and rumors of wars. The Yucca Mountain depository is safe and scientifically founded. Wind turbines and solar, too expensive and easily corrupted—would never have got their foot in the door without government subsidies. Economically unviable. Bad MSM always a sign of government corruption. … Mr. Duarte is correct, Nevada public uninformed.

Richard Westrup


Military offense

There are a lot of active duty and retired military folks living in and around the Reno area. In addition, we are only a few short miles from one of the largest naval air Stations in the United States, a vital training center for combat pilots. Your writer Bruce Van Dyke cannot resist taking his swipes at anyone who is not a socialist or a communist. His tirades are very tiring.

Yes, he is entitled to his opinion, but his latest article in which he belittles the very importance and purpose of our military while enjoying the very freedom to spew his hatred for anything positive is ridiculous. Is he the best your rag newspaper can do? You owe an apology to all veterans, active duty military, and retired military who have put their asses on the line just so Mr. Van Dyke can vent his spleen over his obvious dislike for the military. I seriously doubt he ever served in uniform. If he did, I would venture to guess he received a less than honorable discharge, which would account for his hatred of the “military industrial complex.” Please find someone to replace this whiny-assed moron.

Tom Gargus

Sun Valley

Imaginary disasters

I just saw a story on the lame stream media about the huge amount of water flooding its way down the Mississippi River washing away farms and lives. This is nothing but a hoax! Just like the claimed burning of Paradise, California, the phony hurricane in Puerto Rico (they aren’t even Americans), the flooding of Houston, the millions of dead trees near Yosemite, the storm sewers running backwards in Miami, and the warming year after year.

I can’t see any of this so it must be a hoax. It’s just a way for those claiming to have had their house burn, flood, or blow away to get money, like the phony scientists that worry about climate change. Actually, climate change is as real as a heart attack and one of the above events will happen to you or your children, sooner or later. Tell your Republican legislators they need to quit being stupid and help save the planet.

Don McKechnie