Letters for March 21, 2019

Minimum rage

These lawyers and doctors, businessmen and CEO’s, take a look at how much professional athletes and movie stars make and say, “I should be making that kind of money.” So their greed gets justified. It’s not that I’m a communist, or a socialist, or that I hate capitalism, but these words are ideals, and are highly charged when used by the tabloid media types to manipulate the uninformed masses.

As you know, we already have a hybrid. (Bernie was stupid to call himself a socialist. And Hillary’s biggest mistake was choosing that wimpy wet noodle Tim Kaine for her running mate.) Because we have a minimum wage, we do not have a free market. And if there’s a minimum wage, then why isn’t there a maximum wage? Wait a minute. There is—in professional sports. Things have gotten so out of hand they’ve had to institute “salary caps.” A while back they wanted $10,000,000 just for a new scoreboard in Oakland. And every time they bring it up, it costs another billion dollars for a new stadium, or a new wall. Tell you what, the cost of a man’s labor sure as hell hasn’t gone up much over the years.

Our so-called leaders, in their finite wisdom, have stifled the minimum wage to the point where it is a joke. It is not only useless but likely causing more damage than if we had none at all. And you can’t just double it overnight. It makes more sense to abolish it completely and actually give the free market a try. And meanwhile they give themselves raises every year called COLA. All government employees get it.

Over ten years ago I came upon the public CIA site that gave the skinny on every country in the world, including the good ol’ USA. Guess what they said our biggest problem was? The uneven distribution of wealth. And your choices in Washington just keep making it worse. What is wrong with these people? Their motto seems to be, “Crown the best, and screw the rest.” Good luck with that, Mitch and friends, ‘cause that dog will no longer hunt. I’m going to start a new political party. It will be called, The 99ers. That’s enough for now.

Jon Obester


Official lawbreaking

Re “Lawless sheriffs make news” (Upfront, March 14):

The sheriffs should be commended for refusing to enforce this unconstitutional, poorly thought out law that conflicts with federal law. They took an oath to defend the Constitution. Courts and legislatures will allow Constitutional rights of many to be violated while they debate issues. The Sheriffs are our first line of defense against this blatant tyranny. Kudos to these sheriffs who defend the Constitution!

Stephen Bloyd

Carson City

Re “Lawless sheriffs make news” (Upfront, March 14):

If executive officials like sheriffs can declare laws unconstitutional, what’s to stop Trump or Sisolak? Would the right have tolerated Obama doing so?

Which law will the sheriffs of Nye and Eureka county declare unconstitutional next? How about the law against rape? How about the law requiring payment of grazing fees, which courts have upheld repeatedly?

Can any citizen be sure that when he or she picks up the phone to call the sheriff for help, help will be at the other end of the line?

George Stanley


Bruce letters

There once was a fellow named Bruce

Whose screws in his head became loose.

There seemed but one cure

For his state, to be sure,

Trump dining on gruel and jail juice.

Thom Waters


Re “Liar Cohen vs. liar Trump” (Notes From the Neon Babylon, March 14):

One need be only a little bit more than quasi-ancient to know that the TV series The Life of Riley was an adaptation of the earlier (1941-1951) radio series of the same name, also starring William Bendix.

Robert Leavitt