Join the Pack: Time to get crazy

Get ready for a transformative experience: college

Crazy things can happen in college. I’m not talking about streakers running butt-naked across football fields. I mean truly crazy things like how the biggest geek in high school becomes a well-rounded, confident hipster with a great sense of humor four years later. Or how the good girl comes out with a sleeve of tattoos. Or how the goth kid wearing all the white pasty makeup turns to plaid, khakis and utter normaldom. True stories, all. A transformation happens in college. Maybe it’s just due to the passage of time, a force that takes hold no matter where one heads after high school. But college is about exploration. It offers a time and a place to leave old misconceptions about who you are and what you like behind in search of new experiences. Oh yeah, and it’s also a place to study hard so you can get a degree and get the hell out.

We at RN&R have used our college-educated minds to put together this annual guide, Join the Pack, for incoming freshmen. Among the contributors are our intern Sean Mazner, a journalism major at the University of Nevada, Reno, and Jessica Fryman, a UNR senior and editor of campus newspaper The Nevada Sagebrush. In this guide, you’ll find advice from getting along with your roommate to getting a job, you’ll learn where to find sustainability-minded eateries near campus, and we provide the new trusty campus map to keep you on course. We hope you enjoy this and your first year at UNR.