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The best hidden and obvious gems on campus

Hush. Reading happens here…

Hush. Reading happens here…

Photo By Sean Mazner

You’ll likely find your own special spots during your time at UNR, but whether it’s a shot of caffeine, some peace and quiet, or a place to unwind, these are a few of our favorite things, and some you won’t find on the campus map.

A quiet place to study

Where to find it: The reading room inside the Reynolds School of Journalism

This open and cozy room is an excellent place to escape the ordinary frenzy and commotion around the rest of the campus. The room is open to students outside the journalism school, as well. The wooden chairs and rustic furniture complement the brick walls of the building. This décor transports you to the past—students’ laptops and the current newspapers on the shelves are the only reminders of the present. During colder months, a fireplace provides perfect white noise and warmth to adjoin any last-minute cram session. —Sean Mazner

A good cup of Joe

Where to find it: Bibo 3
351 E. Ninth St., 348-8087

The same laid-back service and great coffee Bibo Coffee Company has become well-known for, but within walking distance to class. Though there’s no wifi available there, that could be a good thing for those times when you need to just sit down and write the paper rather than get distracted by the internet. The spacious café has wooden and tiled flooring, exposed brick walls and big barn-like doors that swing open to let the fresh air in on a warm day. Sip a minty mocha or frothy chai tea latte out on the patio, or bring on the jitters with refill after refill of their Monsoon Medley or organic Peruvian coffee. Food offerings are generally limited to baked goods, like scones, biscotti, and a daily quiche. Their cracked pepper bagel is chewy, savory genius. —K.K.

Something to do on a Thursday night

Where to find it: Thursday Night Free Movie Series

Those without transportation or anything to do on campus Thursday nights—except studying, of course—can head down to the Joe Crowley Student Union to view the weekly movie. These films are usually fresh from theaters and are in limbo before DVD release, so don’t think this is dusty black-and-white cinema from yester-millenia. Snacks such as popcorn and cotton candy are often provided for free, and the venue is an actual movie theater within the building. It’s also a great place to meet new people or to bring friends and make fun of the latest box office bomb. Groups in the theater have bonded over years mocking Michael Bay’s films and the Twilight movies. —S.M.

A tasty burger

Where to find it: The Wolf Den
1305 N. Virginia St., 324-9653

There’s something to be said for going down to the strip Virginia Street at 3 a.m. and sitting with the other drunkards and insomniacs at the long counter in the tiny room that makes up the Little Nugget Diner for an Awful-Awful Burger. This is a place where seediness and charm intertwine in a way that can only happen in Reno. However, there’s also something to be said for just crossing the street at lunchtime and actually remembering what Reno’s most famous burger tasted like once you’re through with it. For that, try the Wolf Den. While service is hit or miss, they make the same burger as the little downtown casino does, but it’s on campus. They serve other gut busters, too, but the Awful-Awful is where it’s at. —Kat Kerlin

Stars align at Fleischmann’s Planetarium.

Photo By Kat Kerlin

A place to space out

Where to find it: Fleischmann’s Planetarium
1650 N. Virginia St., 784-4811

Fleischmann’s overlooks the north end of campus in a building with an uncanny resemblance to a Pringles chip. Inside are free exhibits uncovering the mysteries of black holes, meteors and such. With its SkyDome digital shows and feature films, you can get up close and personal with the rings of Saturn in 3-D, explore Egypt or rock out to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as nature intended—with an HD digital light show. If the real night sky is more your thing, astronomers lead visitors in guided star talks with telescope viewing on the first Friday of every month. —K.K.

The Overlook earns its name.

Photo By Sean Mazner

A good place to eat

Where to find it: The Overlook
second floor of Jot Travis Building, overlooking Manzanita Lake

Sure, much of the food is overpriced, and it’s often crowded in the afternoon, but The Overlook is a great place for those unable to escape campus in the middle of the school day. Most students with meal plans just stick to the Down Under, which is fine for full meals, but The Overlook is the best place to grab a quick snack on campus. Recommendations here include the éclairs for breakfast, pho soup for lunch and the seasoned fries for a snack. The best deal, though, is Freshen’s happy hour from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. That’s when 12-ounce fruit smoothies are only $2, a healthy and refreshing pick-me-up for those late classes. —S.M.