Rated 3.0

Steve Buscemi directs and stars in this funny little movie about a reporter (Buscemi) who is assigned an interview with a movie star of the moment played by Sienna Miller. Buscemi’s character is all bent out of shape because he’s usually assigned more political fare. Miller’s actress is a schlock movie and TV flavor-of-the-month. They get off to a bad start, but wind up at her loft where they quarrel, dance, make out, and reveal things about one another. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but the actors are great. Miller is a mega-talent, and she transcends any of the conventionalities of the script. Buscemi keeps pace with her nicely, and does a convincing job of playing a real scumbag. Nothing in this movie could ever really happen, but it works well as some sort of dark statement on the media and celebrity. In the hands of lesser actors, this would be junk, but Buscemi and Miller make it worth watching despite the flaws.