Get ready to Join the Pack!

College contained some of the best four—or five or six or 16—years of life for some of us at the Reno News & Review. The best parts of it typically took place outside of the classroom, with new friends and lovers, new experiences, a new self awareness slowly crawling out of its high school shell. So we can’t help but feel slightly jealous that you get to start all of that now. There are some things happening at the University of Nevada, Reno for which we don’t envy you: The university faces with some harsh budget decisions, some of which you’ll feel, some of which you won’t. But there are still plenty of people to help you, fun things to do both on and off campus, and just some general life lessons you’re going to discover in between the classes.

You’ve already done some of the hard work by applying, securing financial aid, and getting the grades to get into UNR. We hope to help ease your entrance even more with this annual guide, Join the Pack. Our writers are recent graduates or current students at UNR, so they know what they’re talking about when they tell you where to find help, cheap furniture, good coffee shops, great taco joints and other tidbits that may help you look back at college one day as some of the best times of your life, too.